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There is a common misconception in BC. People believe that we do not have the climate to support solar panels. The truth is, we do. With climate change giving us hotter summers, and mild winters, we have an excellent environment in the lower mainland for solar power generation. The solar capital of the world is Germany, and they have a very similar climate to what we have here in BC. At Raymond we are trying to educate and help people understand that solar is viable in BC. The narrative that we don’t have the climate for solar here is false.

Solar Power for Homes & Off-Grid Properties

Many homeowners are considering solar as a viable option for energy in their homes. With rising energy costs across the planet, solar is finally becoming affordable to a large portion of the Canadian population.

Make no mistake. Electricity will continue rising in cost making solar panels more logical for a typical homeowner. In the next few years BC Hydro is likely to introduce peak period electricity rates. Our top tier PV systems will help customers avoid these peak period rates.

Off-Grid Properties

Many off-grid cabins and vacation homes are forced to run on generators. These are properties with no access to a utility based electrical grid. Running a generator to power these residences is impractical for several reasons.

  1. Rising costs of fuel. Fuel costs are becoming more and more unreasonable, and they will only get more expensive in the coming years.
  2. Generators are loud. That generator running all the time can really dampen the serenity of your off-grid vacation home.
  3. Emissions. The general public is becoming more aware of their carbon footprint. Running a generator all day doesn’t feel right for many anymore.

With a solar panel system and batteries we can usually offset generator use up to 90%.

Solar exposure and shading is a major factor when designing a PV (Photovoltaic) energy system. Using state-of-the-art design software, we can model power production and energy storage capabilities for these off-grid properties. We build a proposal with a payback curve that makes financial sense.

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