Electrical Distribution Equipment

Electrical Distribution Equipment

We service, repair, install all types of commercial building power distribution systems. As an FSR-A licensed contractor, we are able to service commercial sub-stations and power distribution gear.

Some examples of the gear & equipment we can supply, install, or service are:

  • Submetering for tenants and building owners. Track electricity use for billing tenants without adding a BC Hydro electrical meter.
  • Schneider I-Line power distribution cabinets and panel boards
  • Siemens power distribution cabinets and panel boards
  • Commercial transfer switches and generators.
  • Power Transformers in all configurations including Delta-Delta, Delta-Wye
  • MDC – Main Distribution Centres for commercial buildings
  • MCC – Motor Control Centres for commercial buildings

We replace outdated panel boards with new equipment. There are many brands of distribution and branch circuit panel boards that no longer manufacture breakers. Rather then looking to the used market for expensive breakers, we would prefer to see customers replace the panel board with new safe equipment. Federal Pioneer (Stab-Lok) NA type breakers are known in the industry as a fire hazard. This type of breaker is no longer available for purchase, and we recommend that our customers always replace these panels for safety reasons.

Thermal imaging available upon request. We provide a report with all relevant information for insurance and property management.

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Raymond will get you a commercial service upgrade. Need EV chargers in your business? Call us for a free estimate on EV chargers for your business.

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