Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting

Raymond Electrical services, installs, and upgrades all types of commercial lighting and commercial lighting control systems.

Fluorescent & HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lighting Upgrade

These types of commercial lighting can cost a ton on your electricity bill. High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide are both types of HID lighting.

Raymond Electrical can service these types of lights, but in most cases it ends up being more cost effective to replace with new LED style light fixtures. This allows the customer to take advantage of the BC Hydro rebate for upgrading outdated power hungry lighting to new energy efficient lighting. This will also save them money every year on their electricity bill! Raymond will provide a quote to customers with the BC Hydro rebate included.

This rebate is most effective on warehouse HID or fluorescent T5/T8/T12 Hi-Bay lighting. But it can work in any commercial situation when changing out outdated forms of lighting for energy efficiency purposes. This rebate is part of the BC Hydro Strategic Energy Management: Commercial Program. Strategic energy management: Commercial (

Lighting Control Systems

There is such a huge variety of lighting control systems for commercial buildings. Raymond can service, repair, or install all manufacturers and styles of these systems.

BC Building code has been following the California ASHRAE standard. This is the primary reason lighting control systems are installed in your building.

ASHRAE is a building code that dictates how long lights are allowed to be left on in an unoccupied room. Once a room has been vacated, a sensor will time out and turn off the lights in that unoccupied room. This is for the sole purpose of energy efficiency and it is written into our building code. To understand more about how lighting control works and its function please follow this link. Introduction to Lighting Controls (

Some of the systems we service, and install are:

  • Leviton EZ-MAX
  • Leviton GreenMAX
  • Leviton: LumaGraphics
  • Cooper: Greengate LiteKeeper
  • Cooper: WaveLinx Wireless
  • Cooper: WaveLinx Wired DALI
  • Cooper: Illumin DALI
  • Legrand: Wattstopper
  • Hubbell: CX
  • Hubbell Brand Control
  • Acuity Brands Control

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