Turn to Our Licensed Electrical Contractors

Owned and managed by Dustin Ogilvie, Raymond Electrical Solutions Ltd. serves customers in and around Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Our scope covers all aspects of the electromagnetic spectrum.

We bring our vast knowledge and ability to the fore, enabling customers to meet project needs. Expect us to get electrical tasks done on time, as well as projects completed within specified budgets.

Customers Always Come First

We go the extra mile for our customers. Customer satisfaction and elevated trust are our most important company values. Our business model is grounded on referrals from happy clients. We take your thoughts to heart and always strive to become better.


Energy Savings and Environmental Impact

We’re completely conscious of the effects of climate change and the role we play as purveyors of environmental awareness. Equally important to us is the desire to help people save on power costs.

That’s why we recommend products that help decrease electricity consumption at home or the workplace. This saves money and reduces carbon footprints at the same time.

For homes, there are smart devices that allow you to turn off lights that have been left on as members of the household leave for school or work. In workplaces, we suggest lighting control systems that can run lights on a schedule.

Media and Communication Technology

Channel our diverse knowledge of audio-video and network systems. When designing a home theater or planning internet and server systems in the office, we can help you choose the most suitable products for you.

We’ll assess your needs at the planning stage. Then our technicians proceed with helping you design, configure, and pilot the system customized to fit specific requirements.

FSR-A Contractor

Our company holds permits for high-voltage equipment maintenance and installation services. Rely on us to make these available even when your home, business, or workplace is remotely located.

Find Solutions That Work

Feel confident about finding effective solutions to various power system issues when you turn to us. We’re here to provide the services required to solve any problem within the electromagnetic spectrum.